Dimensional Calibration

WE have a variety of dimensional calibration disciplines. From gage blocks and calipers to Coating thickness gages and liver dial gauge, our engineers have years of experience with Dimensional calibration equipment. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in class measurement solutions they deserve.

Our Scopes

Calibrating Equipments Master Instruments
Vernier Calipers Caliper Checker
Height Gauges Internal Micrometer Checker
External Micrometers Gauge Blocks
Internal Micrometer Dial Gauge Calibrator
Plunger Dial Gauges Monochromatic Check Light
Liver Dial Gauges Optical Flat & Parallel
Coating Thickness Gauges Optical Parallel
Feeler Gauges Coating Thickness Foil
Standard foils External Micrometer
Thickness Gauges
Bore Gauges

List of Instruments