Quality Policy


  • To providing a complete solution to all the calibration requirement of our customers as per National/International Standards. 
  • To ensure that all members of our laboratory team are fully conversant with the documentation requirements,policies and procedures required under the related National/International Standards and implement these rigorously
  • To continually enhance the quality of our calibration services and the time in which we can turn around the materials of our customers by employing the professional practices to add value and delight our customers as per their requirements to succeed in their business areas
  • To continuously review and upgrade all our internal process and management practices to ensure that our workings ,policies and procedures are strictly aligned with standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • To partner our customers as they look to continually upgrade their own presentations to their respective business areas.


  • We maintains a working environment that will enable employees to realize their maximum career potential.
  • We ensures highest ethical standards are promoted from the top to bottom level of the company
  • We Identify, understand and meet the requirements of our customers
  • We Review regularly our management system to ensure its continuing suitability
  • Properly maintain equipment, standards and instruments
  • Promote quality awareness at all functions and levels within the company and among our business associates.