Temperature Calibrators

GTEC specializes in a variety of temperature disciplines. GTEC vast inventory of highly accurate probes, displays, SPRT, temperature calibrators, and RTD allows for unparalleled capability within the industry. From infrared and digital Thermometers with sensors to multi point calibration ovens and water baths, our engineers have years of experience with temperature equipment. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in class measurement solutions they deserve.

We provides the complete calibration services for all of your temperature calibration needs. Our extensive temperature calibration services can be satisfactory to meet your specific requirements either at your site or through our Pick-Up & Return service.

We use Fluke device for temperature calibration service .we use the latest technology and most advanced standards to calibrate equipment with the best accuracies possible.we measure temperatures from -35 to 650 °C with very small uncertainties.

Our Scopes

Calibrating Equipments Master Instruments
RTD’s Temperature Calibrators
Thermocouples Black Body Calibrators
Digital Thermometer with sensors SPRT
Temperature Controller with Sensors Master RTD’s
Temperature Indicator with Sensors Digital Data logger
Temperature Recorder with Sensors Multifunction Temperature Calibrator
Digital Data logger with Sensors
Temperature Gauges
Glass Thermometers
Infrared Thermometers
Muffle Furnaces
Water baths
Oven Mappings
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Indicators
Temperature Recorders
Digital Data Loggers
Digital Thermometers
Temperature Switches

List of Instruments